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to the anti-graft campa▓ign introduced by the central authorities, which prohibits luxury dining and gift giving with public money.In 2016, as the fine dining scene gradually revived and Michelin launched ▓its first restaurant review on the Chinese mainland, piquing keen interest in restaurants at an average cost of 300 yuan and above, caviar consumption started to gain momentum ▓and soared at a growth rate of 50 percent annually, according to t▓he association.Traditionally, caviar production depends mostly on wild fishing by countries surrounding the Caspian Sea, primarily Iran and Russia. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the worldwide catch of sturgeon reached its ▓peak in 1977 at 32,078 tons, which translated into 2,000 tons of caviar.Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, however, global caviar supply has undergone a drastic ▓decline. The long-established sturgeon and caviar management system gradually weakened, resulting in rampant illegal fishing and habitat degradation.To

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day, g▓lobal caviar production remains steady at around 200 tons a year▓ and largely comes from artificial breeding, as several sturgeon specie▓s have been classified

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as endangered since 2000. The classification resulted in a ban on wild fishing and a▓t the same time triggered commercial breeding to boom."It's a lucrative bu